Laptop Repair


Testing laptop components requires a lot of skill and knowledge.

In a laptop, it is very hard to determine which of the dozens of parts is causing the problem if you don’t know how to troubleshoot and find that single defect.  And finally, you need a highly skilled technician.  We have the ability to find the part that no one can find, or the get the costly replacement part for a fraction of the cost.
In terms of cost, we strive to find the best and most cost effective way to repair your computer.  Where other shops have diagnosed bad motherboards, we are able to go in and find the component that is causing the problem and replace it.  This means more effective and efficient repairs; when others will send you on your way when faced with a tough repair, we will take the time to actually get it fixed.


Some of the common laptop issues we see are:

  • Bad hard drive

  • Cracked LCD screen

  • Overheating / random shutdown

  • General damage to hinge, case, or keyboard

  • Power Jack Repair

  • Liquid Spill / Water Damage

  • Keyboard Repair

  • Virus Removal

  • RAM & Hard Drive Replacement